sabato 21 marzo 2015

Blueharp: a real innovation

Gianni Massarutto

in collaboration 



Blueharp is a harmonica meant to play blues and chords in 2nd positions (the most common within the blues).
for example: to play blues in the key of E, we will use a harmonica in the key of A.
With this harmonica you can play the standard solo phrasings ( holes 1-6).
And absolute innovation you can get the chords of the basic blues progression I°7,  IV°7, V°7
To achieve this result we divided the Blueharp in two parts:
First part: from hole 1 to hole 6 it is a standard harmonica (Richter tuning) and you can play the majority of the blues melodies.
Second part: blowing from hole 7 to hole 10 you will get the chord IV°7,  in this case A7.
Drawing from hole 7 to hole 10 you will get the chord V°7,  in this case B7.

The chords IV°7 and V°7 are built on the same octave giving a nice and balanced sound.
To orientate yourselves easily on the bottom cover we placed a golden tiny pellet that you can feel with your lips when the first part of the harmonica is ending.

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