martedì 21 aprile 2020

Blueharp can do everything...

In this song of mine, I play Blueharp blues chord harmonica.
Here the three parts: chords,bass and soloist are played with the same harmonica.

mercoledì 23 agosto 2017

Blueharp 14 comb

                   The aluminum comb is made with an original design from bluexlab

domenica 13 agosto 2017

Brand new model: Blueharp 14


Playing the Blueharp has never been easier!!
The Blueharp 14 is the brand new model produced in collaboration with Bluexlab.

Unlike the first model the Blueharp 14 is composed of two parts:
a 10 hole diatonic harmonica and on the left  you will get the IVth 7 and  the Vth 7 chords.

A small area without holes was created to divide the two parts.

This makes it really easy to play the Blueharp.

Two new reeds were placed on the reedplate to get the chords.